Science and Mechatronics Club


Team Impact

We are Pendik Science-Arts Center and Mustafa Saffet Science High School robotics team of 7600 S.M.C. We were established in order to participate in the FRC İstanbul Regional robot competition in 2019 and we want to continue our work by planning many projects besides FRC robot competition. Within this process, we are making robotics and social responsibility projects.


Team Structure


Our team is structured such that the students have the most power​, in order to give​  them leadership experience and real life experience. We value the opinions of our mentors and believe that they empower us and teach us more than we can ever hope to know. Our mentors are obviously more experienced than we are, but our school’s philosophy is learn by doing​, and our mentors are committed to allowing us to learn from our mistakes rather than showing us explicitly the best way around a problem. The team agrees that we find it much more rewarding and exhilarating if we learn from our failures along the way! 


Social Projects

 In order to endear science and technology to children of the age of middle school, we introduce our robot to them and interact with them and ensure that they have a nice and fun time. We aim to organize these projects to show young students professionalism, safety precaution, difficulties in designing robots and programming in the direction of FIRST's principles.